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Little Boy Crumbs' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Little Boy Crumbs

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[03 Nov 2004|02:09am]
Little Boy Crumbs. 03.11.04. 00:00-02:00. 1450AM/kpsu.org
(Show Recap: Well, it's over and I'll never do another show again. It didn't really feel any different from any other show I've done, except that it was really nowhere near my best. I don't really know what to say except that I know that this will randomly hit me and it does make me sad that I will not be able to inflict the new Girls Aloud album onto an unsuspecting public.

It's been a good ride and even though I've been less than pleased with doing my show at some times, I'll miss it and I guess I always loved it.

Thank you and good night.)

The Stone Roses / Waterfall / The Stone Roses
Enon / In This City (Soap Mix) / In This City (EP)
Comet Gain / My Defiance / Réalistes
Experimental Dental School / Skinny Rabbit / Experimental Express Explorer
Robert Pollard / Wrinkled Ghost / Waved Out
Heavenly / Our Love is Heavenly / Heavenly v. Satan
The Go-Betweens / Karen / 78 'til 79 - the Lost Album
The Soft Boys / Insanely Jealous / Underwater Moonlight
Tullycraft / Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid to Know About / Old Traditions, New Standards
Momus / U.S. Knitting / Folktronic
Man Man / Zebra / Man Man
Mellow / Shinda Shima / Another Mellow Spring
The Faint / Paranoiattack / Wet From Birth
Kylie Minogue / Chocolate / Body Language
Twins / / Girl Power
Girls Aloud / Some Kind of Miracle / Sound of the Underground
The KLF / 3 A.M. Eternal (Live at S.S.L.) / The White Room
(Smog) / Our Anniversary / Supper
Heatmiser / Plainclothes Man / Mic City Sons
Alejandro Escovedo / Don't Need You / A Man Under the Influence
Lucinda Williams and David Crosby / Return of the Grievous Angel / Return of the Grievous Angel
The Mountain Goats / Cubs in Five / Nine Black Poppies
Blur / Clover Over Dover / Parklife
The Hollies / Carousel /
Dressy Bessy / Flower Jargon / Sound Go Round
Ash / Walking Barefoot / Free All Angels
The Libertines / What a Waster / What a Waster (UK single)
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[27 Oct 2004|01:55am]
Little Boy Crumbs. 27.10.04. 00:00-02:00. 1450AM/kpsu.org
(Show Recap: Rest in peace, John Peel. Obviously, Teenage Kicks was in honour of John Peel. The show was alright, I guess as always, the first half was better than the second half. It was nice to play some hip hop for once and of course it was our penultimate show.

That Le Mans song is really good.)

Clinic / Falstaff / Winchester Cathedral
Q and Not U / Passwords / Power
Interpol / Slow Hands / Antics
Coos Bay City Rollers / Living With a Rebel Girl / Living With a Rebel Girl (7")
Black Box Recorder / Girl Singing in the Wreckage / England Made Me
The Undertones / Teenage Kicks / The Undertones
Of Montreal / Don't Ask Me to Explain / Cherry Peel
Saturday Looks Good to Me / Since You Stole My Heart / Every Night
Summer Hymns / Trolling on the Lake / A Celebratory Arm Gesture
Morrissey / First of the Gang to Die / You Are The Quarry
Mirah / Sweepstakes Prize / You Think It's Like This, But Really It's Like This
Bis / Eurodisco / Social Dancing
Le Mans / Countach (Now I'm Dancing) /
Tracy + the Plastics / Save Me Claude / Culture for Pigeon
Kylie Minogue / I Believe In You / Ultimate Kylie
Sophie Ellis-Bextor / Get Over You / Read My Lips
Goldfrapp / Deep Honey / Black Cherry
Ms. Dynamite / Dy-Na-Mi-Tee / A Little Deeper
Beans / Blind Driver / Shock City Maverick
De La Soul feat. Carl Thomas / It's Like That / The Grind Date
Handsome Boy Modelling School feat. RZA, Omar Rodriguez, Cedric Butler and AG / A Day in the Life / White People
Ratatat / Seventeen Years / Ratatat
Britney Spears / Toxic / In the Zone
Rachel Stevens / Funky Dory / Funky Dory
Twins / 夏日狂嘩 / Evolution
Elvis Costello / Little Triggers / This Years Model
The Beautiful South / Don't Marry Her / Blue is the Colour
Os Mutantes / Nao Va Se Perder Por Ai / Mutantes
Jay Chou (周杰倫) / 七里香 / 七里香
Blur / Young and Lovely /
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[20 Oct 2004|02:06am]
Little Boy Crumbs. 20.10.04. 00:00-02:00. 1450AM/kpsu.org
(Show Recap: So, I resigned from my show this evening/morning, making this my third to last show. It was a good one, even if the studio was really hot and there were some technical goofs. However, the set was a bit different than usual, with the electronic/pop stuff going on first and the small amount of traditional guitar driven music coming in the second hour.

I was quite excited to play the new Kylie track before it's been released (thanks, internet!), even if I don't know how I feel about it. Besides that, we played a Miriam Yeung song (!!!) and a Twins song we've never played.

Last but not least, Cosmetique's Lady Di, Why Did You Have to Die? is so incredibly good and makes me smile/laugh so much... Girl Talk's Touch 2 Feel is also phenomenal. The Creation + The Amps + Tatu!? Amazing...)

LCD Soundsystem / Movement /
Air / You Make It Easy / Moon Safari
The Avalanches / Thank You Caroline (Andy Votel Remix) / Since I Left You (UK single)
Cut Copy / Time Stands Still / Bright Like Neon Love
1999 / Don't Stop (1-Up) /
Clinic / The Magician / Winchester Cathedral
Audio Bullys / Snake / Ego War
Plastilina Mosh / Mr. P. Mosh / Aquamosh
Girls Aloud / Sound of the Underground / Sound of the Underground
Kylie Minogue / I Believe in You / Ultimate Kylie
Freezepop / Duct Tape My Heart / Fancy Ultra-Fresh
Cosmetique / Lady Di, Why Did You Have to Die? /
Girl Talk / Touch 2 Feel / Unstoppable
Sugababes / Hole in the Head / Three
Twins / 愛無敵 / Girl Power
The Fall / Rowche Rumble /
Roxy Music / Do the Strand / For Your Pleasure
McCarthy / Get a Knife Between Your Teeth / Banking, Violence and the Inner Life Today
Brainiac / Sexual Frustration / Bonsai Superstar
Shoplifting / Raw Nails Now / Shoplifting (EP)
Bikini Kill / I Hate Danger / Singles
Guided By Voices / Asphyxiated Circle / Half Smiles of the Decomposed
Talulah Gosh / Looking for a Rainbow / Backwash
Scritti Politti / Jacques Derrida / Songs to Remember
Mirah / The Light / C'mon Miracle
American Music Club / Ladies and Gentlemen / Love Songs for Patriots
Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) / 處處吻 / 電光幻影
Cadallaca / You're My Only One / Introducing Cadallaca
The Beautiful South / Old Red Eyes is Back / Carry On Up the Charts: Best of the Beautiful South
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[13 Oct 2004|01:55am]
Little Boy Crumbs. 13.10.04. 00:00-02:00. 1450AM/kpsu.org
(Show Recap: Loving life and showing it or something to that effect. Also, reminiscing about the Dandy Warhols, a middle stretch of a lot of electronica that I'd never heard and wondering out loud if I could be called a lover. A good show full of joie de vivre, especially towards the end.)

Dizzee Rascal / Fix Up, Look Sharp / Boy in Da Corner
Kylie Minogue / Confide in Me / Kylie Minogue
Q and Not U / Collect the Diamonds / Power
Essential Logic / World Friction / Fanfare in the Garden
Beulah / If We Can Land a Man on the Moon, Surely I Can Win Your Heart / When Your Heartstrings Break
Liz Janes / Poison & Snakes / Poison and Snakes
White Magic / Apocalypse / Through the Sun Door
Supergrass / Late in the Day / In It For the Money
Dandy Warhols / Nothin' to Do / Dandys Rule, OK?
Lali Puna / Faking the Books / Faking the Books
Slowly Minute / A Constellation and Shooting Stars / Tomorrow World
Girl Talk feat. Chris Glover / Happen / Unstoppable
Radio 4 / State of Alert / Stealing of a Nation
TV on the Radio / Don't Love You / Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes
Trans Am / Cocaine Computer / Futureworld
Peaches / Back It Up, Boys / Fatherfucker
Shoplifting / Ask Me / Shoplifting (EP)
Wives / Brickface / Erect the Youth Problem
Half Japanese / I Know How It Feels. Bad / Loud
Bikini Kill / Strawberry Julius /
Guided by Voices / Sons of Apollo / Half Smiles of the Decomposed
The Go-Betweens / Slow Slow Music / Spring Hill Fair
Elvis Costello / The Beat / This Year's Model
The Beatles / While My Guitar Gently Weeps / The Beatles (White Album)
The Amps / Tipp City / Pacer
The Kinks / Dedicated Follower of Fashion /
The Carpenters / Yesterday Once More /
Twins / 士多啤梨蘋果橙 / Magic
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[06 Oct 2004|01:57am]
Little Boy Crumbs. 06.10.04. 00:00-02:00. 1450AM/kpsu.org
(Show Recap: This should be quite an interesting show tonight. I don't know how I'm going to feel and when my mood will change. I keep thinking of that old song that goes "What becomes of the broken hearted?", even though I have no idea who performed it. What becomes of the broken hearted, indeed.

This show is for me and obviously for someone else.)

Pulp / The Fear / This is Hardcore
The Hollies / The Air That I Breathe /
Dusty Springfield / You Don't Have to Say You Love Me /
Sleater-Kinney / Turn It On / Dig Me Out
Oasis / Digsy's Diner / Definitely Maybe
Mirah / Cold Cold Water / Advisory Committee
Ash / Goldfinger / 1977
Twins / 雙失情人節 / Magic
Marine Research / End of the Affair / Sounds From the Gulf Stream
Suede / Everything Will Flow / Headmusic
Liz Phair / Divorce Song / Exile In Guyville
Ben Folds Five / Underground / Ben Folds Five
XTC / Sgt. Rock (Is Going to Help Me) /
Elvis Costello / Pouring Water on a Drowning Man / Kojak Variety
Lucinda Williams / Metal Firecracker / Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
Neutral Milk Hotel / Song Against Sex / On Avery Island
Blur / To The End / Parklife
JJ72 / October Swimmer / JJ72
Mirah / Mt. St. Helens / Advisory Committee
Dusty Springfield / In the Land of Make Believe / Dusty in Memphis
Twins / 飲歌 / Magic
Sarah Dougher / Girl in New Orleans / Day One
Quasi / Two by Two / Field Studies
Nick Lowe / Cruel to Be Kind / Labour of Lust
Pet Shop Boys feat. Dusty Springfield / What Have I Done to Deserve This? /
Mirah / Body Below / Advisory Committee
Mirah / Apples in the Trees / Advisory Committee
Mirah / Monument / Advisory Committee
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[29 Sep 2004|01:56am]
Little Boy Crumbs. 29.09.04. 00:00-02:00. 1450AM/kpsu.org
(Show Recap: I was on a roll during the first half, especially since it was a lot of stuff I don't play usually. However, the second half of the second half became a drag, what with poor timing resulting in the show ending minutes early.

It's funny how this show felt good as we're not sure how much longer this show will be around, but I don't want to elaborate too much about that on the internet... not that thousands of people read this or anything.)

VHS or Beta / Forever / Night on Fire
The Faint / Erection / Wet From Birth
Metal Boys / New Malden / Tokio Airport
Björk / Crying / Debut
Call & Response / Misty Moon / Winds Take No Shape
Helium / Aging Astronauts / The Magic City
Mirah / Body Below / Advisory Committee
M83 / 0078h / Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
Passage / Reagan's Chest / The Forcefield Kids
Telefon Tel Aviv / Bubble and Spike / Map of What is Effortless
DJ Spooky / Rekonstruction / Riddim Warfare
LMF / / LMFamiglia
Beep Beep / Misuse Their Bodies / Business Casual
Donovan / Season of the Witch /
White Magic / Don't Need / Through the Sun Door
Young People / Tammy Faye / War Prayers
Hayden / The Hazards of Sitting Beneath Palm Trees / The Closer I Get
Elvis Costello / There's a Story in Your Voice / The Delivery Man
Blur / Out of Time / Think Tank
The Flaming Lips / The Strange Design of Conscience / Fight Test (EP)
Radio 4 / The Death of American Radio / Stealing of a Nation
Japancakes / Tremor / Waking Hours
Shortstack / Jealous Man / Shortstack
Nat King Cole / Quizas, Quizas, Quizas / In the Mood for Love (OST)
Ash / Wild Surf / Nu-Clear Sounds
The Casual Dots / Bumblebee / The Casual Dots
Kylie Minogue / Fever / Fever
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[22 Sep 2004|01:53am]
Little Boy Crumbs. 22.09.04. 00:00-02:00. 1450AM/kpsu.org

Pulp / Death Goes to the Disco /
Dixie Dirt / Defender / On Our Way Like We Never Met
Os Mutantes / Quem Tem Medo De Brincar De Amor / A Divina Comedia Ou Ando Meio Desligado
The Libertines / What Katie Did / The Libertines
The Supremes / You Can't Hurry Love /
The Kinks / Drivin' / Arthur or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire
Dirty on Purpose / All New Friends / Sleep Late for a Better Tomorrow
Graves / Holding Your Arms / Yes Yes O.K. O.K.
Interpol / Length of Love / Antics
Ratatat / Seventeen Years / Ratatat
Trash Palace / Sex on the Beach /
Chicks on Speed / Eurotrash Girl / Re-releases of the Un-releases
Clinic / Country Mile / Winchester Cathedral
The Fiery Furnaces / Straight Street / Blueberry Boat
Girls Aloud / The Show / The Show (UK single)
Wire / Too Late / Chairs Missing
Experimental Dental School / Knife Throwers Intern / Hideous Dance Attack!!
Mirah / The Sun / Advisory Committee
Blur / Trimm Trabb / 13
Martina Topley-Bird / Sandpaper Kisses / Anything
Twins / No. 1 /
Girl Talk / Bang This in the Club / Unstoppable
Dusty Springfield / Don't Forget About Me / Dusty in Memphis
The Hollies / Bus Stop /
Roxy Music / Love is the Drug / Siren
Robots in Disguise / Bed Scenes / Robots in Disguise
Jay-Jay Johanson / 1984 / Antenna
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[17 Sep 2004|02:45pm]
A quick reminder that Little Boy Crumbs makes its return this coming Tuesday, the 21st. Same time slot and probably the same sort of thing too. I'm sure I'll be knackered as hell, but we'll deal.
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[11 Aug 2004|02:04am]
Little Boy Crumbs. 11.08.04. 00:00-02:00. 1450AM/kpsu.org
(Show Recap: I leave my show for weeks on end and I leave it feeling good, maybe even triumphant for some reason... which means I should've went out on Through the Wire instead of The Man Who Sold the World.

Tonight's show was pretty good and I had a lot of fun during the pop music section, as it had been awhile since I had let myself indulge. Other highlights included an on-air mini discussion with myself about Girls Aloud, being unable to properly say Rowche Rumble and announcing my karaoke intentions to the public.

I will miss my show.)

Super Furry Animals / Hermann Loves Pauline / Radiator
LMF / 1127 / LMFamiglia
Audio Bullys / Way Too Long / Ego War
The Streets / Fit But You Know It / A Grand Don't Come For Free
The Casual Dots / Hooded / The Casual Dots
The Beta Band / Brokenupadingdong / The Beta Band
On!Air!Library! / Bambalance / On!Air!Library!
The Soft Boys / I Got the Hots / Underwater Moonlight
Dukes of Stratosphear / Have You Seen Jackie? / Psonic Psunspot
The Go-Betweens / Spring Rain / Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express
The Kinks / Get Back in Line / Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround
Marine Girls / Shell Island / Lazy Ways
Wreckless Eric / Whole Wide World / Wreckless Eric
Mirah / The Dogs of B.A. / C'mon Miracle
Fiery Furnaces / Birdie Brain / Blueberry Boat
Goldfrapp / Train / Black Cherry
Rachel Stevens / Some Girls / Some Girls (UK single)
Kylie Minogue / Slow / Body Language
Sugababes / Hole in the Head / Three
Twins / 士多啤梨蘋果橙 / Magic
Girls Aloud / The Show / The Show (UK single)
Bis / Sale or Return / Social Dancing
The Mae Shi / Takoma the Dolphin is AWOL / Terrorbird
Guided by Voices / Rhine Jive Click / Under the Bushes Under the Stars
The Fall / Rowche Rumble /
Tangiers / I Don't Love You / Never Bring You Pleasure
Alejandro Escovedo / Don't Need You / A Man Under the Influence
David Bowie / The Man Who Sold the World /
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[04 Aug 2004|01:54am]
Little Boy Crumbs. 04.08.04. 00:00-02:00. 1450AM/kpsu.org
(Show Recap: If my show was ideal, I would've talked about things I actually wanted to talk about, such as Saturday's Asian Cup final between China and Japan, along with trying to convince my listeners that cricket is one of the greatest sports. As for my actual show, it was alright, albeit a bit too indie and obvious.

God, I just want a bleeding Kit Kat.)

DJ Shadow / Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul) / Preemptive Strike
Brainiac / This Little Piggy / Hissing Prigs in Static Couture
Elastica / Mad Dog God Dam / The Menace
Summer Hymns / Trolling on the Lake / A Celebratory Arm Gesture
Quasi / From a Hole in the Ground / The Sword of God
Mirah / Nobody Has to Stay / C'mon Miracle
The Association / Never My Love /
The Crabs / Love & Hate / What Were Flames Now Smoulder
Ash / Angel Interceptor / 1977
The Go-Betweens / Slow Slow Music / Spring Hill Fair
Animal Collective / Winters Love / Sung Tongs
The Beta Band / Space Beatle / Heroes to Zeroes
The Zombies / Hung Up on a Dream / Odessey & Oracle
The Walkmen / We've Been Had / The Walkmen (EP)
XTC / Towers of London / Black Sea
The Modern Lovers / Astral Plane / Modern Lovers
Fiery Furnaces / Spaniolated / Blueberry Boat
The Mendoza Line / Let's Not Talk About It / Fortune
Idaho / 20 Years / Levitate
Swervedriver / Lead Me Where You Dare... / Raise
Goldfrapp / Human / Felt Mountain
Ratatat / Seventeen Years / Ratatat
Emperor X / Garbage Shaft Floor-By-Floor / Teutonic Membrane/Thin Strip on an Edgeless Platform
Black Eyes / Fathers of Daughters / Cough
Comet Gain / Final Horses / Sneaky
Marine Girls / Flying Over Russia / Beach Party
The Rezillos / Top of the Pops / Can't Stand the Rezillos
Kenickie / In Your Car / At the Club
Superdrag / Sucked Out / Regretfully Yours
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[28 Jul 2004|02:02am]
Little Boy Crumbs. 28.07.04. 00:00-02:00. 1450AM/kpsu.org
(Show Recap: Classic moment as my voice cracked as I wondered aloud if I sounded as good as a certain DJ here at KPSU. It was hard to not lose my composure and to just start cracking up on air.

I suppose the show was okay.)

The Beach Boys / You Still Believe in Me / Pet Sounds
Julie Doiron / Wintermitts / Heart and Crime
Would-Be-Goods / Mystery Jones / Brief Lives
The Kingdom / The Librarian / Nation of Two
The Go-Betweens / The Wrong Road / Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express
Echo & The Bunnymen / Silver / Ocean Rain
Flin Flon / Jumpers / Boo-Boo
The Coral / Waiting for the Heartaches / The Coral
Dirty on Purpose / Mind Blindness / Sleep Late for a Better Tomorrow
The Faraway Places / Another Life / Unfocus On It
Blur / There's No Other Way / Leisure
Crack: We Are Rock / Colonial / Cosmic Mind Flight
Patti Smith / Break It Up / Horses
Pavement / Spit on a Stranger / Terror Twilight
T. Rex / Ballrooms of Mars / The Slider
John Parish and Polly Jean Harvey / Rope Bridge Crossing / Dance Hall at Louse Point
Mirah / Special Death / Advisory Committee
Gillian Welch / By the Mark / Revival
Uncle Tupelo / We've Been Had / Anodyne
The Velvet Underground / I'm Waiting for the Man / The Velvet Underground & Nico
Elastica / S.O.F.T. / Elastica
Modernstate / My Heart Stood Still / Highwater Moonboot
The Sunshine Fix / Statues and Glue / Green Imagination
Elvis Costello & the Attractions / I Want You / Blood & Chocolate
Meow Meow / Cracked / Snow Gas Bones
Dengue Fever / I'm Sixteen / Dengue Fever
Half Japanese / Perfume / Loud
Robert Pollard / Maggie Turns to Flies / Not In My Airforce
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[21 Jul 2004|01:59am]
Little Boy Crumbs. 21.07.04. 00:00-02:00. 1450AM/kpsu.org
(Show Recap: Tonight's show was a special early-to-mid 90's British music. I don't want to use the term Britpop because I don't like it and because not everything that was important musicwise could be categorised under that term, such as Massive Attack and others like that.

Anyway, the show was inspired by the documentary, Live Forever, which was a film about this exact time period of British rock music, with a little bit on Massive Attack and Portishead. I had a lot of fun doing this show, even if I felt a bit mean for generally avoiding the hits.)

Ash / Goldfinger / 1977 (1996)
The Charlatans / The Only One I Know / Some Friendly (1990)
The Stone Roses / Bye Bye Badman / The Stone Roses (1989)
Gene / Haunted By You / Olympian (1995)
Lush / Heavenly Nobodies / Lovelife (1996)
Super Furry Animals / The International Language of Screaming / Radiator (1997)
Yatsura / Strategic Hamlets / Slain By Yatsura (1998)
Longpigs / Dozen Wicked Words / The Sun is Often Out (1996)
Radiohead / Black Star / The Bends (1995)
Teenage Fanclub / Take the Long Way Round / Songs from Northern Britain (1997)
Elastica / Annie / Elastica (1995)
Catatonia / Road Rage / International Velvet (1998)
Blur / Coping / Modern Life is Rubbish (1993)
Boo Radleys / Lazarus / Giant Steps (1993)
Tricky / Hell is Around the Corner / Maxinquaye (1995)
Massive Attack / Protection / Protection (1994)
Portishead / Mysterons / Dummy (1994)
Space / Female of the Species / Spiders (1996)
Supergrass / Mansize Rooster / I Should Coco (1995)
Manic Street Preachers / Faster / The Holy Bible (1994)
Oasis / Some Might Say / (What's the Story) Morning Glory? (1995)
Pulp / Do You Remember the First Time? / His 'n' Hers (1994)
Sleeper / Lady Love Your Countryside / Smart (1994)
Echobelly / Go Away / ON (1995)
Suede / Metal Mickey / Suede (1993)
Rialto / Untouchable / Rialto (1997)
Mansun / Stripper Vicar / Attack of the Grey Lantern (UK version, 1997)
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[14 Jul 2004|01:59am]
Little Boy Crumbs. 14.07.04. 00:00-02:00. 1450AM/kpsu.org
(Show Recap: Sometimes I think about quitting my show. Tonight was one of those nights.

I have absolutely nothing to say anymore and I feel like any personality I had has been completely sucked out, leaving me to say exactly the same thing everytime there's a break in the music. Maybe almost four years of doing this show has burned me out.)

!!! / The Step / !!!
Sonic Youth / Stones / Sonic Nurse
Ratatat / Crips / Ratatat
Solex / Waking Up With Solex / Solex vs. the Hitmeister
Air / Another Day / Talkie Walkie
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood / Some Velvet Morning / Morvern Callar (OST)
Call and Response / Eclipse / Winds Take No Shape
Heavenly / Our Love is Heavenly / Heavenly vs. Satan
Blur / On the Way to the Club / Think Tank
Wire / Mannequin / Pink Flag
Big Star / O My Soul / Radio City
Lucinda Williams / Still I Long For Your Kiss / Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
Mirah / You've Gone Away Enough / C'mon Miracle
White Magic / The Gypsies Came Marching After / Through the Sun Door
Pulp / Live Bed Show / Different Class
Meow Meow / The Killing Kind / Snow Gas Bones
New Pornographers / The New Face of Zero and One / Electric Version
Blue Skies for Black Hearts / Truth and Love / This Black Heart is Going to Break
Neutral Milk Hotel / Song Against Sex / On Avery Island
Saturday Looks Good to Me / Meet Me By the Water / All Your Summer Songs
Casual Dots / Evil Operations Classified / Casual Dots
The Replacements / I Will Dare / Let It Be
Unwound / Sonata for Loudspeakers / Challenge for a Civilized Society
Violent Green / Hope You Are / Hangovers in the Ancient World
Elliott Smith / Between the Bars / Either/Or
Animal Collective / Whaddit I Done / Sung Tongs
Alarmist / Intestionalize This / Alarmist (EP)
Sophie Ellis-Bextor / Get Over You / Read My Lips
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[07 Jul 2004|01:58am]
Little Boy Crumbs. 07.07.04. 00:00-02:00. 1450AM/kpsu.org
(Show Recap: The first half was good and I was really feeling it, but it just sort of dragged during the second half, probably because I was just so tired. It's good that I played a bunch of stuff that I usually don't play and/or haven't played in awhile and yes, it was exciting to play something off the new Tweeens record.)

Elliott Smith / Waltz #2 (XO) / XO
Love and Rockets / No New Tale to Tell / Earth.Sun.Moon
Big Star / Thirteen / #1 Record
Camera Obscura / I Don't Want to See You / Underachievers Please Try Harder
Pseudosix / The Next One / Days of Delay
St. Thomas / You May Find a Treasure Everywhere / Let's Grow Together - The Comeback of St. Thomas
The Apes / Mind of Maximilla / Tapestry Mastery (EP)
Oneida / XXY / Steel Rod (EP)
Blonde Redhead / Eqvvs / Misery is a Butterfly
Sportsguitar / Romeo Goes / Happy Already
Heavenly / By the Way / Operation Heavenly
Imperial Teen / Imperial Teen / Seasick
Vacaciones / No es tan Fácil / Elefant Dosmiluno
Kings of Convenience / Failure / Quiet is the New Loud
IQU / Teenage Dream (Looper Mix) / Teenage Dream (EP)
Flaming Lips / Can't Get You Out of My Head (KEXP Version) / Fight Test (EP)
Twins / 烈女 / Girl Power
Lali Puna / Left Handed / Faking the Books
Tamion 12 Inch / A Heart For Creeps / Let's Suffer
Books on Tape / Siberian Soundsystem / Books on Tape Sings the Blues
LMF / 詠春拳 / LMFamiglia
Money Mark / I Don't Play Piano / Push the Button
Neil Finn / Faster Than Light / Try Whistling This
Syd Barrett / Here I Go / The Madcap Laughs
Quasi / My Coffin / R&B Transmogrification
Amy Annelle / Soft City / A School of Secret Dangers
The Animals / We Gotta Get Out of This Place /
Manic Street Preachers / Freedom of Speech Won't Feed My Children / Know Your Enemy
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[30 Jun 2004|01:55am]
Little Boy Crumbs. 30.06.04. 00:00-02:00. 1450AM/kpsu.org
(Show Recap: Mixed feelings. The set was all over the fucking place, even more so than it usually is. I don't think I said anything particularly interesting and the things I said basically made no sense.

During the show I decided that I'm going to get really fucked up tomorrow night. Good times.)

Blur / Brothers and Sisters / Think Tank
Clinic / The Return of Evil Bill / Internal Wrangler
Busy Signals feat. Robert Schneider / The Freeway / Pretend Hits
Portishead / Wandering Star / Dummy
Erase Errata / French Canadia / Other Animals
Elastica / Car Song / Elastica
Adam & the Ants / Deutscher Girls /
Elvis Costello / You Belong to Me / This Year's Model
Rolling Stones / Mother's Little Helper / Aftermath (UK)/Flowers
White Magic / One-Note / Through the Sun Door
The Crabs / Snow in Summertime / Sand and Sea
Suede / The Wild Ones / Dog Man Star
The Casual Dots / Bumblebee / The Casual Dots
Herman's Hermits / No Milk Today /
The Yardbirds / Still I'm Sad /
Gillian Welch / Revelator / Time (The Revelator)
Lucinda Williams / Side of the Road / Lucinda Williams
The Standells / Dirty Water /
Talulah Gosh / Do You Remember / Backwash
Team Dresch / Take On Me / Captain My Captain
Mirah / La Familia / You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This
Massive Attack / Unfinished Sympathy / Blue Lines
Roxy Music / In Every Dream Home a Heartache / For Your Pleasure
Pulp / She's a Lady / His n' Hers
Kylie Minogue / Limbo / Impossible Princess
The Beatles / And I Love Her / A Hard Day's Night (UK)
Lesley Gore / The Old Crowd /
Young People / El Paso / War Prayers
The Buzzcocks / Why Can't I Touch It? / Singles Going Steady
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[23 Jun 2004|12:32am]
Little Boy Crumbs. 23.06.04. 00:00-02:00. 1450AM/kpsu.org

Ratatat / Germany to Germany / Ratatat
The Notwist / Neon Golden (Console Remix) / Different Cars and Trains
Adam Forkner / (track six) / ([[((VRRSION))]]))))))
Neulander / Girl Out Walking / Smoke+Fire
Matmos / The Struggle Against Unreality / The Civil War
Laika / Barefoot Blues / Wherever I am I am What is Missing
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[16 Jun 2004|01:58am]
Little Boy Crumbs. 16.06.04. 00:00-02:00. 1450AM/kpsu.org
(Show Recap: Interesting show. It was going rather swimmingly, but I feel like I overdid it on the pop music. Six songs in a row... I don't know. I was feeling it last night at home, but not really tonight. I often imagine people clicking off their radios once the pop music starts, but I don't really want to know if that's true or not.

What would a show recap be without talking about how hungry I am? I am very hungry and I feel like my blood sugar is low. I hate that my only dining option at this hour is fucking 7-11.)

Roxy Music / Could it Happen to Me? / Siren
T. Rex / Mambo Sun / Electric Warrior
Suede / Animal Nitrate / Suede
Sonic Youth / New Hampshire / Sonic Nurse
Elvis Costello / Tear Off Your Own Head (It's a Doll Revolution) / When I Was Cruel
The Impossible Shapes / We Like it Wild / We Like it Wild
The Peechees / Beer City / Do the Math
Califone / 2 Sisters Drvnk on Each Other / Heron King Blves
Les Sans Culottes / Allô Allô / Fixation Orale
Camera Obscura / Let Me Go Home / Underachievers Please Try Harder
White Magic / Apocalypse / Through the Sun Door
Heavenly / Atta Girl / P.U.N.K. Girl (EP)
Joy Division / Shadowplay / Unknown Pleasures
Dynasty / Uniform Lust / Dynasty
Massive Attack / Euro Zero Zero / Teardrop (US single)
Neulander / Girl Out Walking / Smoke+Fire
Audio Bullys / We Don't Care / Ego War
Sophie Ellis-Bextor / Mixed Up World / Shoot From the Hip
Sugababes / Hole in the Head / Three
Twins / 夏日狂嘩 / Evolution
Girls Aloud / Sound of the Underground / Sound of the Underground
Britney Spears / Toxic / In the Zone
Kylie Minogue / Red Blooded Woman / Body Language
Mirah / Jerusalem / C'mon Miracle
Mission of Burma / Into the Fire / ONoffON
A.C. Newman / The Battle for Straight Time / The Slow Wonder
Vacaciones / Vacaciones en el Mar / Sonreír
Oasis / Slide Away / Definitely Maybe
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[09 Jun 2004|02:06am]
Little Boy Crumbs. 09.06.04. 00:00-02:00. 1450AM/kpsu.org
(Show Recap: Hm. I think the music was alright, maybe bordering on good, but this show was a bit boring and unmemorable. Therefore, I have nothing to say about it.

Oh wait, I do. I fucked up the end, leaving me without time to play my standard last song after I say good night in my imitation Peter Mansbridge/always wanting to be like Tony Kornheiser style, so yeah, that was awkward. We ended with me talking over the Sugababes' Hole in the Head and after I was done talking, I moved the fader back up for about two minutes before I had to fade it out again.

Now I want a Gatorade.)

Elvis Costello and the Attractions / Hand in Hand / This Years Model
The dB's / Storm Warning / Repercussion
Nick Lowe / Rollers Show / Jesus of Cool
Jonathan Fire*Eater / When the Curtain Calls for You / Wolf Songs for Lambs
White Magic / The Gypsies Came Marching After / Through the Sun Door
The Mountain Goats / Cubs in Five / Nine Black Poppies
The Auteurs / Child Brides / After Murder Park
The Go-Betweens / Karen / 78 'til 79 the Lost Album
The Stone Roses / This is the One / The Stone Roses
Edith Frost / Blame You / Edith Frost (EP)
Joanna Newsom / Cassiopeia / The Milk-Eyed Mender
Suede / He's Dead / Animal Nitrate (UK single)/Sci-Fi Lullabies
Gang of Four / Damaged Goods / Entertainment!
Ratatat / Breaking Away / Ratatat
Trans Am / Cocaine Computer / Futureworld
Röyksopp feat. Erlend Øye / Remind Me / Melody A.M.
Bis / Sale or Return / Social Dancing
Bumblebeez / Get Dressed / Printz
Cut Copy / Bright Neon Payphone / Bright Like Neon Love
Roxy Music / Love is the Drug / Siren
Mansun / She Makes My Nose Bleed / Attack of the Grey Lantern
The Casual Dots / Flowers / The Casual Dots
The Peechees / Grease / Life
Talulah Gosh / Don't Go Away / Backwash
The Hi-Fives / When You Destroy Our Love / Get Down!
Bonnie "Prince" Billy / Joy and Jubilee / Master and Everyone
Sleater-Kinney / Funeral Song / One Beat
The Charlatans / The Only One I Know / Some Friendly
Wire / Being Sucked in Again / Chairs Missing
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[02 Jun 2004|01:59am]
Little Boy Crumbs. 02.06.04. 00:00-02:00. 1450AM/kpsu.org
(Show Recap: I started off by talking about Tiananmen Square, just because the fifteenth anniversary is on Friday. I didn't really have anything proper to say, but I just wanted to remind people about it. I suppose it's been weighing quite heavily on my mind as the day approaches, especially with it being slightly entwined with Hong Kong's own struggle for democracy or some shoddy version of it.

Anyway, the show was alright. The music was quite good, but utterly predictable, especially the second half. They're all great songs, but they didn't quite flow together. The Stone Roses, though... it seems like that bloody album will never stop thrilling me. Words cannot describe how much I love that fucking thing.

Also, Mirah's You Think It's Like This... has been long neglected and underrated by myself. Besides it's musical qualities, it's also such a personal album and elicits really strong emotions from me.

Last but not least and definitely on a lighter note, Girl Talk is fucking amazing. I was left speechless at a song that combines Tipp City, All the Things She Said and Making Time.)

Kylie Minogue / Cowboy Style / Impossible Princess
XTC / All of a Sudden (It's Too Late) / English Settlement
Mirah / Sweepstakes Prize / You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This
Talking Heads / No Compassion / Talking Heads: 77
Jason Falkner / Author Unknown / Can You Still Feel?
New Bad Things / Ephedrine / Freewheel!
Nice Nice / Chrome Cabal / Chrome
The Casual Dots / E.S.P. For Now / The Casual Dots
Madonna / Crazy For You / The Immaculate Collection
Telefon Tel Aviv / When It Happens It Moves by Itself / Map of What is Effortless
Massive Attack / Karmacoma / Protection
Cut Copy / Going Nowhere / Bright Like Neon Love
Girl Talk / Touch 2 Feel / Unstoppable
Trans Am / Remote Control / Liberation
Justin Timberlake / Cry Me a River / Justified
Twins / 大紅大紫 / Amazing Album
The Streets / Blinded by the Lights / A Grand Don't Come for Free
Elvis Costello / Shipbuilding / Punch the Clock
Suede / Everything Will Flow / Headmusic
David Bowie / The Man Who Sold the World / The Man Who Sold the World
The Smiths / Ask / Louder Than Bombs/Singles
The Soft Boys / Kingdom of Love / Underwater Moonlight
Lush / Ladykillers / Lovelife
Marine Research / Angel in the Snow / Parallel Horizontal (EP)
Ash / Wild Surf / Nu-Clear Sounds
The Stone Roses / Made of Stone / The Stone Roses
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[26 May 2004|01:58am]
Little Boy Crumbs. 26.05.04. 00:00-02:00. 1450AM/kpsu.org
(Show Recap: Best show in a long time. I had interesting/stupid/funny things to say, the songs were good and they came together well. I genuinely felt touched at the end of the show, especially when If We Can Land a Man on the Moon... was playing. This is one of those nights/shows I need to keep in mind the next time I get fed up with doing Little Boy Crumbs.

By the way, the stretch from Popscene to Flower Jargon... all fantastic pop songs, especially the first three. Classic pop in every sense of the phrase and examples of what pop writers should strive for.)

Magnetic Fields / I Don't Really Love You Anymore / I
US Maple / I'm Just a Bag / Purple on Time
Good Ghost / Parascope Through the Brain of a Teenage Poltergeist on the Wings of Loneliness (Pt. 1) / Yes I'm Home and Yes, the Trip Was Long and Unfamiliar
Ratatat / El Pico / Ratatat
Experimental Dental School / Skinny Rabbit / Experimental Express Explorer
Camper Van Beethoven / The Day That Lassie Went to the Moon / Telephone Free Landslide Victory
The Clientele / Impossible / Ariadne (EP)
Suede / Europe is Our Playground / Trash (UK single, disc one)/Sci-Fi Lullabies
Fountains of Wayne / Denise / Utopia Parkway
Minus 5 / The Girl I Never Met / In Rock
Magazine / A Song From Under the Floorboards / The Correct Use of Soap
Destroyer / Certain Things You Ought to Know / Your Blues
The Coral / Dreaming of You / The Coral
Miss Kittin & The Hacker / Stock Exchange / First Album
Princess Superstar / Wet!Wet!Wet! / Princess Superstar Is
The Streets / Get Out of My House / A Grand Don't Come For Free
Greyboy feat. Bing Ji Ling / So Good / Soul Mosaic
Portatastic / Through a Rainy Lens / The Summer of the Shark
Old Time Relijun / Tigers in the Temple / Lost Light
The Seeds / Nobody Spoil My Fun /
The Yardbirds / For Your Love /
French Kicks / Was It a Crime / The Trial of the Century
Erlend Øye feat. Soviet / Sheltered Life / Unrest
Yo La Tengo / The Lie and How We Told It / I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One
Blur / Popscene / Modern Life is Rubbish
The Kinks / Sunny Afternoon / Face to Face
Nick Lowe / Cruel to Be Kind / Labour of Lust
Beulah / If We Can Land a Man on the Moon, Surely I Can Win Your Heart / When Your Heartstrings Break
Dressy Bessy / Flower Jargon / Sound Go Round
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